Introduction to Class Action Lawsuits


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Perhaps you have seen the term “class action” on television or in a letter. A class action lawsuit is a legal endeavor in which one or several individuals sue on behalf of a much larger group of people, referred to as the “class.” In order for a legal situation to qualify as a class action, two factors usually must be present. First of all, the issues that are being disputed are usually common to all of the members of the class. Second, the persons who have been affected by the situation are so high in number that it would not be feasible to bring them all into the court.  These kind of lawsuit are usually handled by the lawyers that have experience about class action and the best ones use legal practice management software. Here are some other facts about the nature of a class action lawsuit:

1. Resolution is binding for all members.

The first thing to remember is that resolution of the class-action lawsuit is binding for all of the members that have been certified by the court. In a nutshell, that means that whatever decision the court might make on behalf of the class will affect all of them. If there are money damages, then every member of the class will get a portion of it.

2. Different types of class action lawsuits exist.

There are a number of different types of class action lawsuits that exist. First of all, there are employee class action law suits where individuals who have worked for a large corporation have been subjected to a pattern of mistreatment in some way. There is an environmental disaster class action lawsuit where homeowners and business owners are affected by the negligence of a large company in regards to the environment. There are consumer class action lawsuits where individuals were adversely affected by a product as the result of a defective product or from false advertising. A class action lawsuit can be brought as the result of securities fraud, and a class action lawsuit can be brought when their sensitive and private information has been recorded without their permission.

law agreement3. Class action lawsuits can be more consistent and effective.

Finally, a class action lawsuit can be more effective when a group of people have been wronged because of the fact that it would avoid incurring the costs of trying each case individually and risking inconsistent decisions by each individual court.

4. Class action lawsuits give people a voice.

Finally, a class action lawsuit is often necessary in order to allow individuals to take on corporations in order to be able to effectively acquire justice from a multi-national corporation without incurring the explosive legal costs.